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Steve continues to be my lifeline for my nagging back injury. His therapy and exercises help me enormously. I recommend Steve to everyone I know who needs P.T. And, I truly appreciate being offered appointments at my convenience on short notice when I have a flare up. Neither Steve nor Lorraine can every retire!



it was a real pleasure working with you guys, and of course I'll come back and visit as needs arise... but let's hope they don't ;)

aj (ACL Reconstruction)

Steve & Lorraine,

My visit with Dr. was fantastic ! He was so complimentary and happy with my accomplishments. It was a fun visit. He seems to think my knee will just get better in the following months. The x-rays looked great and everything is where it should be.

Thank you again for your knowledge and well-guided therapy. I am so happy we met .

Marilyn (Total Knee Replacement)

"Best physical therapy ever"Steve did a terrific job getting me back on my feet. He was always very attentive to my needs and was a real pleasure to work with throughout my rehab.

Cheers,Luis Achilles Tendon Repair 

Thanks, Steve.

And thanks for all your work with me and your support.

If I can assist with discussion/endorsement with an prospective hip replacement patients, please have them call me.


"Greg" Total hip replacement

Steve, first thank you for aiding me, you have done more in a week and a half than all the others i have spoken to have done in 3 years...i will do my best to refer you to everyone i run across who needs help.

"Bill" Low back pain

Thanks again for my progress and helping me avoid surgery. I will recommend your services and I am sure you will be seeing my husband shortly.

"Elena" Patella dislocation 

Steve, staying off my feet last week by being a passenger in a car most of the week appears to have helped. I will continue to stretch and ice my feet after walking for the next couple of weeks and see how that goes and will be back in touch if I feel that more PT will help. Thanks for everything. You are a delight to work with!

"Pat" Plantar fasciitis

Hi Steve!

I had my followup with Dr. at UCSF last Monday. He indicated that my knee was "better" than he would have expected, seemed pleased, and sent his complements to my PT.

Many thanks, Steve (and Loraine) …. I have really valued the care you have provided! (Use me as a referral source, if ever necessary)Jeff

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